Web Professional

I have been tinkering with computers most of my life, eventually deciding to get a proper qualification - I graduated in 2001. I have since gained over 15 years experience developing high end web applications for some of the top financial institutions in the world.

I'm pretty sure I understand what my clients want; a quality product that works, delivered on time and on budget. This often starts with design, from branding, logo and character design to innovative interface design, I go that extra mile to make your site sparkle.

It's not just about engaging visuals though, its also about designing web sites that anybody can use.

I'm just as frustrated as you with broken checkouts and fiddly forms so I've declared war on unusable design. I think it shows in my work and ultimately it leads to happy customers.

I use cutting-edge technologies and techniques to build all my sites and my technical expertise is second to none: You'll have my full dedication. I never outsource.

The launch of your website is just the beginning.... I'll help you make it a success and keep it one.

Website Development

olli3 media website development

Web development is an essential part of bringing your web design ideas to life. It doesn't matter what type of content you have, I will be able to make your website quick, efficient and compliant to all Google Page Speed standards. All website development projects are implemented with great care and all elements will work as they should.

I build simple websites on Frameworks including Wordpress, Magento, Laravel, etc. I also have vast experience using layout frameworks including Bootstrap, Compass, Susy, etc. All websites are SEO optimized and will provide the easiest way to get you discovered online. I also have experience with optimising image heavy websites for page speed according to Google Policies.

In addition to web development, I have experience in web design and UX (user experience). Websites developed with user experience in mind will increase your conversion rates making using your website a much more pleasant experience for its users.

Domain Names, Hosting, Maintenance, Design, Requirements ... I will help you decide on everything.

I will handle everything, you can sit back and watch your web presence grow. I can configure your website to work on all devices, small , large , slim, wide.

I can continue to upgrade, rebrush or add to your website keeping you in touch with changing web trends and technology. I will also be there to help with any problems you may have.

Of course, the bottom line is that your site has to perform and this is where I truly add value, helping create success, building traffic using search engine marketing and social media. When it comes to supporting and growing your business I'm like a dog with a bone.

I'd love to talk to you about your project and it'll cost you nothing to talk. Why not to see how I can start helping you create something special.

Web Marketing

olli3 media website development

SEO: Search engine optimisation is a great way to make your website available through organic search. You will be able to reach your audience not only through direct referrals but also through people looking for something new. I will help you to optimise your existing website to the keywords of your choice making it stand out from the millions of websites on the internet.

PPC Advertising: While providing great online content and a quality product will make you a better company, attracting a more targeted audience to your website will boost your profit. One of the best ways to advertise is through Google AdWords and surprisingly Bing. Pay per click advertising is easy to set up if you know your target audience, your overall goals and your budget. We will help you to set up permanent and seasonal campaigns, implement PPC campaigns within your digital strategy and provide a further development plan. In addition, you can enquire about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter advertising to maximise your exposure.

Social Media: Social Media has a great impact on modern marketing. It is important to not only show your presence but actually choose the right channels and bring your brand across your digital strategy. Combined with PPC and SEO it will boost your digital presence and guarantee you reach your target audience. We will help you to develop your social media plan, social media strategy, social media guidance and identity. These will include guidelines on dealing with complaints and reputational issues. Social channels will be integrated into your website and connected in the very best way possible.

Email Marketing: Email has changed it’s purpose during the last few years as customers do not respond to spam emails and prefer customised email which actually capture their attention. Setting up the email campaigns with clear goals, measurable stats and full integration within your marketing strategy is one of the ways to get more customers and strengthen your brand. We will help you with creating HTML templates, client journey supported by sample emails and recommendations on email marketing tools. Additionally, we can offer landing page design and development fully supported by your CMS and CRM systems.